Merrow C of E Infant School

Religious Education



We follow Surrey’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which is non-denominational. Children are introduced to Christianity through stories, celebrations and customs. We visit to St John’s Church to enrich the children’s learning.

As part of the curriculum children are taught about aspects of Judaism and Islam.

We use religious artefacts, visitors and short films to enhance the experiences for our children.



Year One

Year Two


What do Christians believe God is like? 

Why is Harvest a worldwide celebration? 

Christmas Y1: Why is Christmas important to Christians?

What are YOUR big questions? 

Why is the Bible an important book for Christians? 

Christmas Y2: What does the Christmas story tell Christians about Jesus?


Who is Jesus? 

Why did Jesus tell parables? 

Easter Y1: What do eggs have to do with Easter?

Why is ‘Church’ important to Christians? 

Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’? 

Easter Y2: Why is Easter important to Christians?


 Why should we look after our world? 

What is the Torah, and why is it important to Jews? 

Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbat?

Is Prayer important to everyone? 

Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him? 


What is important to Muslim families?

 In EYFS we teach RE alongside our topics and as part of our continuous provision.

We have six questions that we explore and build on the core concepts of specialness, celebration and belonging.

  • Who am I and where do I belong?
  • Why do we have celebrations?
  • What makes a place special?
  • What makes something special?
  • What can we learn from stories?
  • What makes our world wonderful?

Further details of the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017 - 2022