Merrow C of E Infant School

Maths at Merrow School

At Merrow Infant School we use the Mathematics Mastery Approach, which aims to help children to acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of maths. Mathematics Mastery teaching is underpinned by methodical curriculum design, supported by carefully crafted lessons and resources to help develop deep conceptual and procedural knowledge.

We use the Five Big Ideas in teaching for mastery: Coherence, Representation and Structure, Mathematical Thinking, Fluency and Variation:


Lessons are broken down into small, connected steps that unfold the concept for all children.

Representation and Structure:

Representations progress from concrete to pictorial and to the abstract so that strong conceptual understanding can be developed.

Mathematical Thinking:

Mathematical vocabulary and reasoning are taught explicitly and practised through discussion, helping mathematical ideas to be understood deeply.


Quick and efficient recall of mathematical facts and procedures is developed through daily practise where tasks are chosen and sequenced carefully, with variation that helps to show the underlying mathematical structure.


Concepts are taught in more than one way to help develop a deep understanding. Variation is also used when sequencing the maths exercises in a lesson so that children can notice what is kept the same and what changes. 

We have a structured maths curriculum which ensures progression and continuity from EYFS to the end of Key Stage One. The curriculum is designed in small, sequenced steps which are mastered before moving to the next stage. Concrete and pictorial representations help to build early procedural and conceptual knowledge together. We focus on developing deep structural knowledge and helping children to make connections. Maths is taught in a precise way, exploring concepts together and precise questioning helps the development of mathematical vocabulary and reasoning. Through well-paced lessons, we aim to help children develop deep structural knowledge of key concepts and an ability to make connections as they learn to reason and follow a line of enquiry. We encourage a growth mindset to enable all children to embrace challenge and to engage successfully in mathematical tasks.

Above all, we aim to develop an enjoyment of learning mathematics through our fast-paced, interactive lessons where children do a lot of the talking. We take every opportunity to enable children to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills across the curriculum, showing the relevance of maths in our daily lives.