Merrow C of E Infant School

Our Key Stage 1 Curriculum


Speaking and Listening

Teachers encourage good listening skills and help children gain confidence in their speech.  Children are encouraged to observe, describe, listen to stories, ask and answer questions and express their ideas.

Reading, Writing, Phonics and Spelling

These are taught in a structured session each day as well as through other areas of the curriculum.  In writing, children are taught about letter formation, using cursive writing from an early age.  As children become independent writers they are given opportunities to write for different purposes and audiences. 

Children are encouraged to punctuate their own writing.  Spelling is taught, initially through phonics using the ‘Jolly Phonics scheme’ and ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.  Children practise shared and guided reading daily at school.  We also have a home/school reading programme. Each child is given a record book in which his/her progress is monitored in reading and which also provides additional communication between parents and school.  We have a lovely library which children are encouraged to borrow books from.  The PTA have recently raised extra funds to re-stock the reference and fiction books in the library.


The maths work within the school involves practical activities wherever possible.  Teachers plan exciting lessons so that children can enhance their number recognition; use of calculations; understanding of shape, space, and measure; and data handling.  Children develop their mathematical language whilst undertaking various activities.  Children learn about various strategies that they can use to solve problems.  Tasks are differentiated according to the ability of the children.


Science is taught throughout the school, using both the inside and outside environment, with an emphasis on practical experiences.  These are often supplemented by local educational visits.  Carefully planned topics aim to develop the children’s curiosity and investigative skills, and gradually pupils learn to record their findings. 

Collective Worship and Religious Education

Pupils take part in an act of collective worship each school day.  The Rector of St. John’s, a diocesan consultant and other visitors are invited to take part in, or lead assemblies.  Religious Education provides opportunities to foster the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the child.  The character and quality of religious education are of particular importance to the Headteacher and the Governing Body at the school.  Major Christian festivals are observed.  The curriculum encompasses learning about other faiths, which include the recognition of the main festivals, marking these where appropriate.  For more information about Collective Worship and Religious Education please see our SIAMS report, where we were graded Outstanding in February 2016.  Any parent wishing to withdraw their child from assembly or RE may discuss this with the Headteacher.

KS1 Topic Webs

Year 1 - Owls and Badgers:    Autumn 2020  Spring 2021  Summer 2021      

Year 2 - Squirrels and Foxes: Autumn 1 2020    Autumn 2 2020    Spring 1 2021  Spring 2 2021   Summer 1 2021

Year 2 SATs presentation