Year 2

Resources week 11/05/2020

Bedtime yoga cards            Dice template      Florence Nightingale fact activity

Florence Nightingale Position and Direction   Florence Nightingale Reading comprehension

Healthy Week Florence Nightingale Cleanliness sheet    Outdoor scavenge hunt    Parts of a flower labelling

Parts of a plant loop game     Parts of a plant powerpoint  Persuasive letter (example)  Persuasive letter (beginning)

Persuasive writing poster        Phase 5 challenge        Re-growing vegetables       SPaG revision mat

The life of Florence Nightingale (to read)      Year 2 common exception words      Work Sheet 11/05/2020

Resources week 18/05/2020

Art - Mary Seacole        Art & DT - Create your own eggshell herb garden      English - Mary Seacole PPT

History - Herbal Remedies worksheet      History - Mary Seacole Herbal Remedies     Maths - Multiplication grid

Maths Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol 2019      Maths Lesson 2 - use arrays 2019

Maths Lesson 3 - the 2 times table 2019     Maths Lesson 4 - the 5 times table 2019        Phase 2 to 5 tricky words

Phonics game     Reflective Thinking Cards        Science - Seed dispersal    Writing - Mary Seacole's Life booklet  

Science - Sycamore Seeds Templates        Science - Sycamore Seeds Activity Instructions    Work sheet 18/05/2020

Resources week 01/06/2020

Bird feeder instructions            Cloud dough recipe          Food art        Maths activity mat   Question wheel for reading

White Rose maths lesson 1            White Rose maths lesson 2            White Rose maths lesson 3

White Rose maths lesson 4            Minibeast factfile templates             Minibeast hunt       PE Bingo

Minibeast maths challenge cards      Minibeasts and their microhabitats      Phases 2 to 5 sound mats