School Newsletters

A newsletter is regularly sent during term-time via Parentmail. If you require a paper copy please ask at the office, there are always some available in the display stand in the entrance hall.

 Newsletters 2017 - 2018 please click on the date to view.

Newsletter No 1: 15th September 2017

Newsletter No 2: 6th October 2017

Newsletter No 3: 10th November 2017

Newsletter No 4: 24th November 2017

Newsletter No 5: 21st December 2017

Newsletter No 6: 26th January 2018

Newsletter No 7: 9th March 2018

Newsletter No 8: 29th March 2018

Newsletter No 9: 20th April 2018

Newsletter No 10: 4th May 2018

Newsletter No 11: 13th June 2018

Newsletter No 12: 6th July 2018

Newsletter No 13: 23rd July 2018

For previous newsletters please see the News 2016 -17 page.


Summary of our Parents Survey January 2016



Link to the Guildford Schools Confederation website, where you will find various items of information, including holiday activities for children. 

Link to Guildford Borough Council's holiday activities.